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GotForm was created to assist companies in customer communication and retention. In today’s market, it is no longer about traffic levels, it is about building relationships with the most valuable segment of your website’s visitors.

GotForm will assist you in building a profitable relationship with your customers by providing marketing executives and Website managers with professional-grade forms – without any programming or begging for resources from your IT group.

GotForm provides easy-to-use and customized forms to meet your everyday marketing needs. Everyone has traffic, the key is turning this traffic into loyal repeat customers through “viral marketing.”

Gotform can be used on a very small website, or a large corporate site -

Plus, it's only $8 per month for unlimited use of every form! (that's not $8 a piece, it's $8 for all!)

Please contact us at to learn more about our customized marketing forms and to learn more about how in 10 minutes we can help you - Take Control of your Marketing.
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