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One of the best ways to build acquire critical marketing information from users, is through the use of a survey. The key to effective surveys is in managing the number and type of questions asked. By collecting additional data points from your users, you will have the opportunity to communicate with a higher degree of relevancy, strengthen your customer relationships, and have the added level of reporting to truly understand your user base.

We have developed the ultimate tool for gaining insight from your users and customers. In less then 10 minutes, you can customize and test survey questions and then launch your survey online. You will have the opportunity to test new questions and track response rates. All with a few lines of code and no custom programming required.

-Easy to Customize: Choose and test your own survey questions
-Easy to Manage: Finally understand what your users really want
-Easy to Maintain: Fully hosted and supported
-Only $8 / Month for unlimited use of every form!!

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